If it wasn't for all you incredible individuals who embraced me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Why ConnectGroups

We were created for community.

We all need relationship, and there is no relationship without intentional connection. At Kingdom Culture we offer two types of connect groups. PLAY & LIVE.

PLAY – These are groups with a focus of connecting with those in your community, building bridges through a common interest. Playing a sport, going hiking, watching a movie, drinking lattes, and much more.

LIVE – This is facilitated discussion centered on the message from the most recent Sunday directed by the specific leader(s). The purpose is to grow in relationship with God and each other, hang out and eat food.


Winter Semester - Feb 10 to April 14
Summer Semester - Jun 4 to August 11
Fall Semester - Oct 1 to Dec 15

When I first attended Kingdom Culture I was suicidal and just wanted to end the misery. I now have the motivation to live life to it's fullest.


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